Weekend Warrior [One Session per Week]

     Weekend Warrior –– Friday [early morning] or Saturday [not quite as early morning] ––is the perfect training option for anyone with a weigh less goal AND a super busy schedule

Something is better than nothing––right?!?!!  Weekend Warrior provides you that something.  That something being access to our community of acceptors, encouragers, high-fivers and laughers; as well as one helluva training session each week.

     Our community of acceptors and encourages [once you meet them] will nullify the anxiety that most people get when they can't attend the gym or training sessions regularly.  We'll high-five and laugh while you're sweating your ass off so it will seem more like adult recess than it does exercise.  

You can expect to push sleds [and yourself] every Weekend Warrior training session.  Odds are always pretty good that you'll throw medicine balls, use battle ropes, do pull ups [probably assisted, but they're still pull ups] and core.  Always a bunch of core, but never boring ass core.  

Cost:  $120.00/mo  ––  Fill Out Application    


Jason Belz