FIT Camp [Three Days per Week]

     FIT CAMP is our flagship training program designed to...well...get you FIT!  Side affects of getting you FIT may include, but aren't limited to:  feeling like a badass, getting stronger and more athletic, losing fat and inches, lowering blood pressure and desires to strangle people, along with having more energy during the day and sleeping better at night.

Our preferred method of getting you FIT is to:  Do Awesome Shit.  This method of getting you FIT includes, but isn't limited to:  push ups, pull ups [probably assisted at first, but they're still pull ups], battle ropes, pushing and pulling sleds, slamming medicine balls, and swinging kettle bells.  Do[ing] Awesome Shit amongst a community of acceptors, encouragers, high-fivers and laughers makes FIT Camp feel more like an adult recess than it does exercise.  

>>   BUT WAIT!!   <<  

     FIT Camp isn't a packed room with music bump'n and one instructor dancing [I mean working out] along with you.  FC is small group training with an 8:1 [worker outers to coaches] ratio, so that we can continually provide feedback and personalized encouragement throughout your entire session.

With our small groups and our understanding that not everyone revolves around the same time clock––our groups begin every 15 minutes.  From 5:00a to 7:00a, you can join a class with a start time that fits your schedule perfectly.  Eg:  Does 5:45a allow you to sleep as long as you can, get an hour training session in and still get to work on time?  Then why train at 5a or have to miss the 6a?

Morning groups are Monday, Wednesday and Friday––as we mentioned––from 5a to 7a with a new group beginning every fifteen minutes.  Evening groups are Tuesday and Thursday at 4:45p-5:00p-5:15p-5:30p with the third session being Saturday morning between 8:00a and 9:00a.


     You train three days a week.  In a small group that won't exceed an 8:1 worker outer to coach ratio.  And you decided what group time best fits your schedule––you don't have to fit to ours [necessarily].  When you pick your time, you will train every day at that time––this is how we can guarantee our 8:1 ratio never get's exceeded and that we are able to provide you personal[ized] training in a small group structure.  

If you think you might be kinda ready to come see our groups in action, or bring a friend and get sweaty with one of our groups, or sit down privately to ask questions and address concerns you might have, or simply send a couple emails back and forth to have your questions answered––fill out the application below.

Monthly Program Cost:  $260.00 ––  Fill Out Application

** Save 20% With a Six Month Commitment **  

Jason Belz