Whether you refer to it as private training, personal training, 1:1 training––most gyms call it personal training and that means––you and your trainer, a dozen other trainers and their dozen clients, and fifty to a hundred other members wandering about, interfering with your training.  Hardly personal.

At AGY, it’s private training.  You are sharing an experience––your fitness––with fewer people than you have fingers.  [assuming you have ten fingers]  There are no members wandering about, and we have only four full time trainers on staff.   

Private training at AGY offers you the space to feel uncomfortable and new, doing things that are, well, uncomfortable and new.  Our private training allows you to “fail” without fear of judgement.  It provides you a space to be your authentic self––e.g. busting out sweet dance moves at any point you deem them to be beneficial to your results.

Providing you space to be you, our private training has seen some eye-popping feats of awesomeness accomplished: losing 100+ pounds; deadlift two-times one’s body weight; pushing a 500# sled; staying healthy throughout an entire Major League Soccer season.

The space we’ve created, and our private training has also been directly credited for: creating a body healthy enough for one to bear a child; building strength and fitness to better manage the daily struggles of living with MS; providing enough encouragement and optimism during a very dark time in one’s life that they did not commit suicide.  [let that sink in for a moment]

Do you want to experience something more than going to sweaty-dancy-fitnessy classes? 

Do you want your experience(s) to be meaningful and private?