Group training

our why // The Difference

All great training facilities provide the exact same program:  small group training, designed to train the individual more so than the collective. And now that there are more gyms, training facilities, cycle and rowing studios, prancy-fitness dance studios, etc; what differentiates all of us

Our whys. Our programming may look the same, but our why––no one has our exact why.

Because [you] are more than a number, more than a size, more than a calorie count. That’s our why


Because [you] are more than a number, size and calorie count, we've created a community of acceptors, encouragers, high-fivers and laughers, who are fitnessing to Move Better // Feel Better, Move Stronger // Feel Stronger, and Do Awesome Shit.

Because [you] are more than a number, size and calorie count, we're tired of the fitness industry's constant pursuit of making every-day peeps [like you] feel like shit for their perceived failures in attempt after attempt to live up to media driven, social-media supercharged expectations of what it means to be a fit [woman]––long, lean and sexy––and a fit [man]––shredded.

Our Why // how we fitness 

Our goal is to take you from exactly where you are today, to Do[ing] Awesome Shit in as little as four weeks. While that'd be super badass, let us be honest, it could take more like four months, or fourteen months, or it could very well take four years.

Everyone can Do Awesome Shit––it's all relative. Maybe doing a push up is your Awesome Shit, or pushing a weight sled with 300# on it. Yeah, both Awesome, but we have end-goal Awesome Shit that we want to get you to––something like this.

Do Awesome Shit [DAS] is a four-week training phase that follows our four-week Move Stronger // Feel Stronger [MS//FS] training phase. MS//FS is a progressively overloaded strength training phase [which is nerd for: for four-weeks you'll lift more weight each training session, or the same weight for more reps] in which we also include metabolic conditioning [nerd for: sweaty, heart rate buzzin, outta breath cardio] and core training.

To take you from exactly where you are today, to MF//FS then to DAS, you'll begin with our Move Better // Feel Better [MB//FB] four-week training phase. MB//FB is a movement based training phase in which we coach mind-muscle connection and body awareness––it's like yoga, but fewer words that no one can pronounce. During the MB//FB phase, you'll also get some sweaty, heart rate buzzin, outta breath cardio and core training.


You know our WHY.  You know what our WHY means. You know how we fitness in alignment of our WHY. For more whats and whens, follow to our training application to receive more information.