Our Thirteen Week flagship program designed to...well...get you FIT!  Side affects of getting you FIT may include, but aren't limited to:  feeling like a badass, getting stronger and more athletic, losing fat and inches, lowering blood pressure and desires to strangle people, along with having more energy during the day and sleeping better at night.

In getting you FIT, we will require that you Do Awesome Shit.  What do we mean when we say, "we will require that you Do Awesome Shit?"  We mean you will do push ups, crush deadlifts and squats, push and pull 300# on a sled, throw medicine balls, do pull ups, slam battle ropes, and move like you've never moved before.  **Note:  Even though you may think you can't...you can and you will...because we will teach you how. 

>>   BUT WAIT!!   <<  

     FIT Camp isn't some 'one-trick pony' exercise program .  Oh no, we give you more than just fitness.  We hire Mindable to educate you on the key to fat loss––mindful eating!  Kelly and Stephanie will open your eyes and blow your mind.  They will bring to light the eating habits that may be keeping you from attaining your fat loss goals, as well as give you the how-to when it comes to eating mindfully.   

We're going to give you even more.  We also bring in Robyn Johnson, a gangstress in dietetics, to give you another key to fat loss––finding the fuel that works best for your body.  Robyn will speak about nutrition in a language you've never heard nutrition spoke in––your language.  You will understand her, you will receive actionable guidance in creating a plan that works for you, and you will receive a FREE 30-Minute consultation with her if you want to explore your nutrition deeper.

>>   THE CATCH   <<

     With all of this, you may not lose a single pound on the scale.  [enter shocked-face emoji]  Unlike sleazy gyms, under-educated personal trainers, weight loss coaches who aren't coaches but they sell shakes so they are coaches, and anyone else preying on your insecurities and dreams of quick change––we aren't here to sell you bullshit.

We cannot guarantee you will lose weight, because we don't know how damaged your metabolism is from one of the above assholes who sold you a quick fix dream.  Or maybe you damaged your metabolism by trying to attain a weigh less goal through eating less and less until you couldn't eat less.  

We cannot guarantee you will lose weight, because we don't know whether or not you are in hormonal balance, or what havoc internal or external stress is playing on your body.  We also cannot follow you every minute of the day, telling you to move a little more, to get your heart rate up on your non-training days, and tell you that you're actually eating too much of the foods you deem healthy.

To guarantee you any results other than:  you're going to move better, feel better––move stronger and feel stronger would be stealing your money through deception.  And we aren't those kinda assholes.  


     We won't guarantee it, but it just might happen though.  It did for PAM and it has for others as well.  They bought in.  They took Kelly and Stephanie's mindful eating education and put it into practice.  They followed Robyn's nutritional education and took her up on her free consultation.  They showed up to their training sessions, never finding an excuse to miss, and worked their asses off.  They read the weekly emails we send out as reminders to stay the course, and on course they stayed.  

PAM has three very active kids––one in college and two in high school.  PAM has a career and many of the excuses you have used in the past.  The difference this time, she chose not to use them and the results show.  **Note:  As of 4/3/17, 33 weeks with us, PAM has officially lost 50#.  BOOM!!

Pam M.

  • 24 inches lost
  • 26 pounds lost (20 pounds body fat)
  • 6.6% reduction in body-fat
  • fitness level: 3 to 8
  • strength: 2 to a 8
  • sleep: 3 to a 9
  • stress: 7 down to a 5
  • improvement from Day 1:  10+++

     Now, imagine yourself Doing Awesome Shit in a community of acceptors, encouragers, high-fivers and laughers.  Imagine yourself putting into practice the most important keys to fat loss––mindful eating and fueling for your bodies needs.  Imagine yourself, for the first time, not being lied to about being able to lose thirty pounds in thirty days, and then feeling like shit when you fail to do so.

Kinda sounds too good to be true.  It's not.  You can ask anyone of our community who are passionately pursuing their badassery...they will tell you...at A Greater You, they feel safe in their bodies, supported through words and actions, celebrated for achieving successes...and fun, they have fun when they are working out.

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     We are ready to welcome you into our community––if you're ready to be welcomed, sign up now.  Following the sign up now link will provide you the day/time information as well as cost info.  If you have any other questions or concerns, fill out the box below or email us at info@gr8ru.com.