Where exactly are you located?

103rd & 69hwy.  Or, 103rd and Mastin.  Or, just west [left] of the McDonalds on 103rd and Mastin––next to Scott's Diamond Design.

Are you going to kill me?

First, that would be awful for future business.  So, NO.  You will get sweaty and lose your breath at times, but your effort will be 1000% voluntary.  We create a space for you to find your edge, and when YOU have found it, we will honor it and celebrate it.  

You won't kill me, but it's gonna suck; right?

Maybe.  We hope not, but maybe.  Again, your effort is 1000% voluntary.  So, if you feel like it's beginning to suck, let's figure out how to make it not suck.  We've designed our fitness to be positive, encouraging, supported––not to suck.

Do you require a contract?

Nope.  Contracts are for gym owners who no longer want to go the extra mile to keep you happy.  

I need to lose weight fast, can you help?

If you want to gain some, most or all [or more than all] of it back; maybe.  There are factors that NO TRAINER is able to assess [at a reasonable cost to you], that will determine whether or not you are able to lose weight at all, let alone fast.  

Do you provide meal plans?

Nope.  Odds are you wouldn't like half the foods we put on one, thus you wouldn't follow it for any longer than your willpower holds faithful.  How's that help?  We will however coach you on how to make micro-change and micro-change which over time equals macro-change, which equals results without feeling like you've "dieted".