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Owner [slash] Impromptu dance leader.  Also, a high-five enthusiast, taco addict, coffee junkie, Lululemon brand ambassador, father of boy/girl twins, and three time winner of a PITCH WEEKLY BEST OF––two for Best Personal Trainer and one for Best Bartender.  

My advice:  make fitnessing more about getting healthy, than about losing weight.  You can lose weight in a lot of unhealthy ways, but you can only get healthy one way––through healthy habits.

My mantra:  Do Awesome Shit.  If you find something or many things you enjoy, sustainability increases exponentially––sustainability [consistency] isn't sexy but it wins every time.



Former linebacker and strength coach at Mizzou.  Now, a powerlifting strength-equipment slinger for Legend Fitness who's dedicated to increasing strength in life outside the gym too.

My advice:  don't get wrapped up in the numbers.  Solely focusing on numbers––whether it's trying to hit a lift or a number on the scale––can be detrimental to your progression.  You're gonna have days where you feel like you can heave a mountain over the Pacific Ocean, and then you'll have days where heaving a pebble over a puddle will be all you have––it's a process, embrace it and get strong.

My mantra: Deadlift.  Really, they're the source of life.  



A proud KU alum [Rock Chalk] that loves animals, the outdoors and lake life.  A soon to be mom [expecting Feb '18] with a moderate to intense coffee addiction and five years of training experience.

My advice:  small changes in nutrition, and your daily life in general can add up to BIG results over time.  It's not about what you look like on the outside; it's about how you feel on the inside.  Staying active and eating healthy should be a lifestyle––not a "diet".

My mantra:  Exercise should be fun––it should sustain an active life.  



Played Safety for the Ottawa University Braves where I got my Exercise Science degree with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning.  I have a healthy addiction to lifting heavy things, putting them back down and repeating.  I'd consider myself a novice powerlifter and an expert beard grower.

My advice:  try new things.  You never know when you will find the type of fitness that will stick.  What works for you might not be what works for everyone else.

My mantra:  failure creates success.  Very few times has someone reached a goal [slash] been successful the first time.  Failing is the first step toward success.