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Group Training

We are a community of supporters, encourages, high-fivers and laughers who want to have a helluva good time, with hella good people while we work toward the attainment of our ever evolving fitness goals––some to look better and some just to feel better [look stronger and feel stronger].


Personal Training

You are you, and you have goals that you'd rather not share with anyone else.  You want to have deep conversations about why diet, exercise, fat loss, squats, etc, are what they are.  You want personal attention.  A relationship of singular trust.  Totally cool, we've got you covered.


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YOGA // practice at Agy

Quiet your Mind, and Bend your Body.  Grab a mat [and a friend] and join us for our all-levels, mixed style practice led by Celeste Ellis.  Explore mindfulness and breathing as a perfect way to de-stress from work, holidays, family, etc. 

Practice days // times are Monday evenings at 6:30 and Wednesday evenings at 6:00. 

Yoga // Single Practice
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Yoga // 10 pack
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PAM M. [10.19.17]

"I've trained at AGY just over a year now.  I was referred by a friend of my who'd trained with Jason, and at AGY, for almost six years.  I went ahead and signed up for FIT Camp to improve my fitness level.  I hoped to drop some excess weight, but that wasn't my primary focus"

"Today, the physical changes are obvious from looking at photos, or my stats.  What isn't so obvious are the mindset changes.  I still remember running up the hill on 103rd and saying I can, instead of I can't.  I have completely allowed myself to be open to new––new challenges, new workouts [trying Strength Camp], new jobs and new friendships.  I think less about my appearance and more about what my body can do.  If I had to put all of this under one improvement––it is confidence."

"AGY is special because of the community.  Everyone is met at their current level with loving support.  The community then supports and encourages moving as far as one desires toward whatever goals are out there.  When I first started at AGY, I heard/read about 'community' and it 'sounded good' but I didn't really know what that meant.  It is still very hard for me to describe; it's something that is best experienced to fully appreciate."


Marty y. [10.19.17]

"I've trained 1:1 with Jason for 14 months now.  Jason was recommended to me by my former trainer; who had moved away."

"Today, I can deadlift a lot more than when I started."  Marty, don't be bashful.  He's deadlifting 100# more than when we started.  "My overall strength, especially core strength, has improved considerably."

"AGY is special to me because of Jason––he is a great listener and always exudes a positive and encouraging attitude.  He's knowledgeable about his field and always ensures that your form is correct so you don't get injured.


Marci O. [10.19.17]

"I've trained at AGY for 16 months now.  I joined because I wanted to feel better and because of my son, Kevin."

"Today, I feel stronger and am amazed at myself that I can get up at 4:30 in the morning for my 5:00a workout.  And I feel great!!"

"I love AGY and the comforting feeling from my trainers and the people at the gym.  I have NEVER felt comfortable in a gym but at AGY I do.  I also love that my husband now works-out with me!!  We are heading into our mid-50s together and kicking ass while we do it!"


Johann O.  [10/24/17]

"I've trained at AGY for 9 months now.  A friend at work was working with Jason on injury prevention and recommended him & AGY."

"My initial goal of work related injury prevention was met very quickly, primarily through some fantastically brutal core workouts.  My fitness goals have now expanded to building strength and speed, and just being more physically capable at 40 than ever in my life."

"The trainers at AGY are able to motivate and guide like no other trainers I have worked with.  The emphasis on correct form makes me curse under my breath once or twice, but when I am finally doing the movement correctly it just feels so right.  And, if you have existing injuries the workouts are customized to allow you to heal while still making progress in other areas."

The Bonus: "I've met many awesome people and enjoy coming to workouts.  AGY is an amazing supportive fitness home."