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Group Training

We are a community of supporters, encourages, high-fivers and laughers who want to have a helluva good time, with hella good people while we work toward the attainment of our ever evolving fitness goals––some to look better and some just to feel better [look stronger and feel stronger].

private Training

Private training at AGY offers you the space to feel uncomfortable and new, doing things that are, well, uncomfortable and new.  Our private training allows you to “fail” without fear of judgement.  It provides you a space to be your authentic self––e.g. busting out....



While we take fitness all-the-way serious, we rarely take ourselves all that serious.  We get one chance at life––worrying about minutia is not our jam––so we have fun and laugh [usually at ourselves].   

Every-day badasses // testimonials

Definition:  an individual creating for themselves a lifestyle of health, strength and happiness by courageously saying "I can be greater!"  Then confidently proceeding to dominate––no matter their skill level.


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YOGA // practice at Agy

Quiet your Mind, and Bend your Body.  Grab a mat [and a friend] and join us for our all-levels, mixed style practice led by Celeste Ellis.  Explore mindfulness and breathing as a perfect way to de-stress from work, holidays, family, etc. 

Practice days // times are Monday evenings at 6:30 and Wednesday evenings at 6:00. 

Yoga // Single Practice
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Yoga // 10 pack
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